Oceanic x Ibiza

We are thrilled to share magical memories from Oceanic x Ibiza, hosted at Agroturismo ATZARO Ibiza. This event for our ocean brought together over 30 artists, 25 world-renowned speakers, 30+ B2B businesses at the forefront of sustainable innovation, virtual and augmented reality experiences, kids educational activities, top DJs and live music, an eco-inspired cirque and street art show and an ocean friendly food market! Thank you to all for joining and being part of this journey. Oceanic’s mission — to create a platform that brings together those at the forefront of change — was achieved. We hope that you left feeling empowered to make daily choices to support the health of our ocean and planet. Please help us continue to spread these important messages and educate and raise awareness. It remains essential to remember that, as individuals, we have the power to do more.

Oceanic x Ibiza Opening Dinner

It is with great pleasure to share some incredible moments from Oceanic X Ibiza's Opening Dinner at the new five-star resort, Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay. The intimate evening brought together world-renowned speakers in the ocean realm; Susan Rockefeller ( Documentary Filmmaker and Board of Directors, Oceana), Rogier van Vliet (Chairman of the Board of Directors, Adessium Foundation), Adrian Grenier (UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador and Founder, Lonely Whale Foundation), Claire Nouvian (Founder and President, BLOOM), and Manu San Felix (National Geographic Underwater Photographer, Pristine Seas). Guests also enjoyed live entertainment, a silent and live auction, and had the opportunity to learn about different projects at the forefront of ocean conservation while leaving inspired to take action for our ocean.

City-By-City Immersive Experience Series

Oceanic Global is launching a city-by-city immersive experience series that engages local communities, amplifies the efforts of synergistic groups, generates measurable impact and ignites global action.


Responsible Boating Guidelines

The Sailo Guidelines for Responsible Boating include tips such as: interacting with sea life, eliminating single-use plastics, using non-toxic cleaning products and eco-friendly sunscreens.

Based on The Oceanic Standard, the Sailo Responsible Boating Guidelines are an educational tool for boat renters and boat owners. The guidelines educate boat renters and owners on issues impacting our oceans and provide solutions for our customers to make conscious choices that drive positive change.

Virtual Reality series

Oceanic Global is creating an educational virtual reality series that raises awareness, creates empathy, and provides solutions for the issues impacting our ocean.


Oceanic Global Foundation's #ourchoicesmatter campaign outlines 10 simple steps that individuals can take to become more responsible consumers. We challenge you to say no to single use plastics and help spread the word!

Strawless Cleanup

Oceanic Global has partnered with the Lonely Whale Foundation to support the Strawless Ocean initiative. We believe 2017 is the year to create a global movement with measurable impact through institutional change and individual action.

World Ocean Festival

Oceanic Global is a Founding Partner of the World Ocean Festival, taking place on June 4th 2017. Oceanic Global has partnered with Global Brain, the City of New York, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals amongst other NGOs to create a collective voice for the world's ocean.

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Freehold’s Strawless Activation

The Oceanic Global Foundation and Lonely Whale Foundation worked with the amazing team at Freehold, Brooklyn to help them transition from using plastic straws to using paper straws. Freehold has previously been using a staggering 1.5 million plastic straws a year before making the switch to eco-friendly alternatives. After becoming aware of the destructive impact of plastic straws on the oceans, Freehold team member, Alie Moya, worked closely with the Freehold Founders to implement the #Strawless initiative.

Oceanic New York Launch

On the 11th of April, 2017, approximately 200 of New York’s leading philanthropists, environmentalists, ocean advocates, and social impact business leaders gathered at 1 Hotels new Brooklyn Bridge location to celebrate the official launch of Oceanic Global.

Highlights from the evening included a presentation on Oceanic's latest initiatives by founders Lea d'Auriol and Luis Navia, a panel discussion on the non-profit's uniquely creative approach to conservation with Susan Rockefeller and Mark Dalio, cocktails and hors d'oeuvres by the organization's partners at the 1 Hotels, a preview of Oceanic's first immersive experience within its city-by-city event series as well as an announcement by United Nations Spokesperson, Dan Thomas, of the first-ever World Ocean’s Festival.

Oceanic Dinner Series

Oceanic Global has partnered with 1 Hotels to host a dinner series surrounding sustainable initiatives. Once a month, Oceanic Global invites guests and partners from various industries for an intimate dinner discussing environmental issues and solutions for change.

Ecovissa: No Plastic Straws Ibiza

In 2016, Oceanic team member, Karin Isken, started EcoVissa in partnership with Niki Wordsworth. The Ibiza-based company work with local businesses to provide them with biodegradable options to replace plastic straws. Since its inception less than a year ago, Ecovissa has worked with 17 businesses in Ibiza and is currently in advanced discussions to provide 21 new businesses with eco-friendly alternatives to plastic by summer of 2017.

Ibiza Film Festival Partnership

Oceanic Global is an official partner of the Ibiza Film Festival, which was founded in 2007 by Xavier Benlloch. As a part of the partnership, Oceanic Global will showcase environmental documentaries and films throughout the festival seasons.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Founder, Lea d’Auriol, spoke at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Media Zone about the importance of engaging youth in efforts to save the oceans and to combat climate change. The panel was moderated by Daniel Thomas, Head of Communications for the President of the General Assembly.

HK Beach Cleanup

In January of 2017, Oceanic Global hosted its first beach-cleanup in Hong-Kong. Fifty plus volunteers came together and collected over 110 bags of plastic waste from the local Hong Kong shores.